Building a culture starts by building a foundation of trust. To begin building trust within our team, we need to understand how to communicate effectively with them. Everything DiSC Workplace is a fantastic tool that teaches us about ourselves and how to share more effectively with others.

Knowledge is power, and sometimes it only takes us getting to know how others communicate to build a better relationship. Veterinary Management Solutions works with Wiley to deliver personalized assessments to each of your team members, and we then customize our workshops to meet the needs of your specific team.

Here are a few benefits of the DiSC Workplace Workshop

  • You will discover your DiSC® style, allowing you to recognize the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers shaping their workplace experience.
  • You will then explore other styles: to understand the differences and similarities among the DiSC styles.
  • Next, you will identify strategies to make meaningful connections with your team of various styles and work more effectively to reduce tension, solve problems, and contribute positively to their organizations.

Program Options

  • Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile
  • Virtual training with your team (2 or 4 hours in length)
  • In-Person training with your team (2, 4, or 8 hours in length)

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